Sneak Peek – THE TRUTH – Book 3 in The Descendant Vampire Series

As you may have heard, THE TRUTH is coming in 2014! Book 3 in The Descendant Vampire Series is due for release later this year. A specific date hasn’t been scheduled yet.

Join Allison, the Drakes, the archangels and vampires as their journey continues! Here’s a first look at the back cover blurb for The Truth.

Back Cover Book Blurb for The Truth

Fresh out of vampire detox, Allison Carmichael has her cravings for human blood under control…just in time for the rest of her life to take a downward spiral.

After a loved one is murdered, Allison receives a cryptic message from the deceased. A warning to trust no one, not even those closest to her.

In order to identify the murderer, Allison must trust a mysterious stranger and piece together a series of clues while under the suspicious eye of a jealous boyfriend, a vengeful archangel and a jittery Ruling Council. When information is unearthed about the murderer and Allison’s lineage, her world isn’t the only one that’s rocked.

They say that the truth shall set you free, but will that be the case for Allison and those she loves?


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