Top 11 Favorite Authors

If you’ve been on Facebook over the past few weeks, you may have seen people posting about their top 15 favorite authors. I was one of those people. Someone spotted my post and challenged me to further whittle my list to my top 11 favorite authors. Why my Top 11? Just to be different and not be ‘just another Top 10 list.’

This list represents a mix of authors I fell in love with as a kid, some of my all time favorite books, and authors I’ve recently discovered. I’ve tried to order these chronologically from my first reads to authors I’ve recently discovered.

Christopher Pike

Sure I read a lot as a kid, but it wasn’t until I discovered Christopher Pike and his teen thrillers that I fell in love with reading. In grade school, we’d get these monthly magazines, kinda like weekend advertisements you get with the newspaper, filled with books. That’s where I discovered Christopher’s books and from then on I couldn’t wait to order my next book. Chain Letter is the one book that stands out in my memory.

Ann M. Martin

The Baby-Sitters Club, anyone? I devoured this series as a kid. I could relate since I had just started babysitting at the time. Maybe that’s why I fell in love with the series…I felt connected to the content.

John Grisham

I didn’t read much for fun when I was in high school and college. One day, at a Hudson News in an airport, I picked up one of Grisham’s novels and my love affair with reading picked up where it had left off. At the time, I wanted to be a lawyer so I easily connected with Grisham’s legal thrillers. Long after changing my major, I was still drawn to Grisham’s books. The Firm is the standout in my memory.

Elizabeth Kostova

I’m not much for taking book recommendations from TV shows, but years ago I had heard about Elizabeth Kostova’s novel, The Historian. I’ve loved all things vampire since I was a kid, and I absolutely love history. The Historian combines both and I was hooked. I devoured this book, which involves a search for Vlad the Impaler as it takes the reader on a journey around Eastern Europe. Love vampires? Love historical fiction? Read this book!

Boyd Morrison

Maybe I should stop saying that I don’t buy books based on recommendations I hear on TV, because that’s exactly how I discovered Boyd Morrison’s novel, The Ark. Thriller is my favorite genre; combine that with biblical flare and I’m sold. The Ark is about a quest to find Noah’s Ark served up James Bond style. I absolutely loved the book and others penned by Morrison.

Corine Dehghanpisheh

Disclaimer: Cori is a dear friend who I’ve known her for years. But that’s not the reason she made this list. Cori is unbelievably talented and recently turned her talents toward children’s books. She writes AND illustrates her books. I’m in awe that someone can be so creative. Her latest release, Buddy’s Dream, will take your child on an educational adventure, teaching them to count, identify colors, and so much more.

C.R. Everett

Have you ever read a book and found yourself thinking about that book and its characters long after you’ve finished reading the book? To me, that’s a sign of a great novel and that’s how I feel about C.R.’s debut novel, Love, Carry My Bags. How do I describe this book? It’s a true to life romance that most anyone can relate to. I somehow lucked out and received and Advance Review Copy (ARC) of the companion novel, I Loved That About Her. Although I’m only about halfway through, this book has the same effect as the first. Camryn and Glenn’s story is so real and the way C.R. delivers their story is poetic.

Aneesa Price

Aneesa writes paranormal, erotica and contemporary romance. After reading Home for Love, I was in love with Aneesa’s writing. I have no idea how an author who lives half a world away, who never set foot in Alaska, could make me feel like she had lived there. Her descriptions were that good. Coffin Girls (paranormal) is set in New Orleans, and here again Aneesa was able to transport me to a city neither of us had ever visited. I could smell the gumbo in the air and feel the humidity on my skin.

JD Nelson

When this little thing called erotica burst onto the literary scene, I really had no interest in reading that genre. That is until I discovered JD’s hot, steamy paranormal romance, A Night of Wickedness. What’s not to love about a vampire-nymph-werewolf love triangle that I liken to Cruel Intentions of the Paranormal variety.

AJ Lape

I’m not a fan of Young Adult (YA) books. I can’t relate to the teenage angst and don’t buy into teenagers saving the world. However, I’m so glad I took a chance on the Darcy Walker Series. This, to me, is not your typical YA read and that’s a good thing. Darcy is klutzy and kookie and lovable and manages to find herself in some sticky situations where she feels the need to solve the mystery with plenty of laughs along the way. Looking for a YA mystery? Look no further. Meet Darcy Walker!

Julie Cassar

Going back to that whole ‘I don’t like Young Adult’ novels, I found myself reading Ruby Blue. Julie has managed to do something most authors haven’t done – write a YA series that is age appropriate yet innocent enough that adults who read the book will also enjoy the story. Julie opted to set her books in her home state which is something that also drew me to her books. I love reading about a place the author lives and loves, even though it may have had a paranormal spin on reality. Love fairies and magic? Check out Ruby Blue.

That’s my list. Let me know what you think. Leave a comment below with some of your favorite authors and/or books.