Acts of Kindness Board

Objective: Have a group  or class create and contribute to an Act of Kindness Board.

Materials: worksheets below, scrap pieces of colorful paper, coloring materials- markers, pencils, watercolors, crayons, scissors and glue sticks.

This activity was originally created as a way to begin the new calendar year.  It was also designed to help group members focus on acts of  kindness towards others.  Especially, financially-free acts of kindness.  

It is also a great activity for this week, February 10-17, 2013 which is Random Acts of Kindness Week.

To begin the project:

  • Download and print the act of kindness words on pdf, which includes a few words that reflect acts of kindness.  These words are listed individually in a rectangle shape with extra blank space.  Also included are blank rectangles that can be filled in with additional words reflecting acts of kindness that the group members or students complete.

Select image below to download.
  • Once the rectangles are cut out.  They can be simply decorated or can be glued onto a more colorful piece of scrap paper.  The colorful paper can be cut into a shape, design, or a collage of colors or shapes can be created.


  • After an act of kindness is completed by the group member or student; the name of the person/student, date, and story can be filled written in the blank space.
  • The decorated items can be collected on a bulletin board or wall to showcase all of the acts of kindness completed by the group members or students in the class.

Example bulletin board

  • Download and print the Acts of Kindness words  for the bulletin board by selecting the images below to download and then print. 
  • Lastly, cut along the dotted lines and attach together.