Decorative Woven Kite

Objective: To create a decorative woven kite for spring.

Materials: colored paper, scissors, glue sick, 1 long piece of string or yarn.

This project can be used as an after school activity or for fun at home on a spring or summer weekend afternoon. 

To begin choose two colored pieces of the same sized squared paper that will be woven together.  A third piece of scrap or recycled paper, perhaps a stronger material like recycled cardboard, will be needed to create a base for the woven paper to be glue to.  Additional scrap paper will be needed to create the tail of the kite along with one long piece of yarn or string. 

Cut Paper
Choose one colored piece of paper to begin cutting. Only cut slits into paper leave at least half inch of uncut paper.

cute paper

Cut Paper View

The slits don't have to be measured exactly.


Glued paper

Glue Cut Paper

Glue the 1/2 inch ( or more) portion of the paper that was not cut to the recycled paper or stronger backing.

paper strips

Paper Strips

Choose a second color of paper.  Cut the paper into complete strips to use in the next weaving step. 


colored paper

Weave the Colored Paper

Select one strip at a time.  Glue the first strip next to the uncut paper on the board and begin weaving over and under.  Once the each strip completes its weaving, glue the end to the base. Continue with the next strip starting by gluing the paper under and then weaving over.  Glue the end of the strip to the base.

woven paper

Weaving Continues

Continue the weaving alternating the starting position from over/under to under/over until the weaving is completed.  You may have  a few strips of paper left over, those pieces can be used as part of the tail of the kite. 


Completed Weave

Once the weaving is completed, make sure all of the edges are glued down. 

woven paper

Final Kite

Use recycle paper scraps to add a tail to the kite base.  Once attached, crinkle the tail pieces gently by squeezing with hands.  

finished kite

Lastly add a long piece of string to the kite as if it were going to be use to fly the kite.

Have fun and enjoy the Spring Season!