A Key to Unlock Something Special


Objective: To help participants find awareness of what they want or are missing in their lives.

Materials: Keys, paper or box, collage materials or pencils, markers, magazines, glue and  scissors.

Give each participant a real key, paper key, or a fake username and password (modified for teens) to unlock something special.  Ask the participants to think about what they would like the key to unlock or what they would like the key to lead them to. 

I have modified the project in different ways.  In the past, I have given the participants a piece of paper to create a drawing or collage with magazine pictures about what they want the key to unlock or lead them to.  At other times, I have given the tem a box to decorate and create or put items inside of the box to represent what they would want or what they would want to  find if they had a key to unlock a treasure.

This project has often led to various discussion about the clients needs.