Author as Artist

Created by My Art to Inspire Contributor: Allison

Pick out three paragraphs (at least four sentences each) from “All Summer in a Day” where the author is trying to paint a picture with his words. 

On a clean sheet of paper, please do the following for each of the three paragraphs you chose:

1. Re-write the paragraph you chose.
2. In your own words, write at least two sentences explaining what you visualize when you read the author’s words.
3. Draw a picture (IN COLOR) of what you see when you read the author’s words.

*So, for example, if you pick the following paragraph:
“The season cast an orange haze above the horizon, lighting up the sky as if lit by fire, yet the haze was so crisp and clear. The sun, like a large, grandeur orange fireball in the distance was partially cloaked by the hanging clouds, which were all splashed with the random colors of hot pinks, reds and even hints of purples and blues. The sun was so large that he felt he could almost touch it. It seemed to look at him with a dull glare, knowing that its beauty and the planet's dependence on it for survival made up for it. The sun which had it's time to shine for the time it was given, seemed to whisper "Farewell" to the world as it sunk lower and lower in a lazy manner; almost as if it never wanted to leave.”


*You may then write:
“When I read this, I see a beautiful sunset lighting up the sky with shooting rockets of colors. I see the earth knowing it depends on the sun like someone who is cold needs a blanket. Then, very slowly, it lowers itself away from the world so it can be night.”

*Then you would draw a picture!

How You Will Be Graded:
Three points per paragraph you chose from “All Summer in a Day” 9 points
Three points per paragraph you re-write in your own words 9 points
Three points per picture you draw 9 points
Total Points 27 points total