Building a House


Materials: A variety of materials for building and decoration can be used.

For this example I used: Popsicle sticks, felt, buttons, string, cardboard, glue, and scissors were used.

Having adults and children build, draw, create a house/home can be an opportunity to discuss safety, and used as a metaphor to talk about foundations, structure, rebuilding, security, etc. 

Although, this project can be used in many ways, I have used it as a building and learning experience in a domestic violence shelter for women and children.  This project, can also be used as a fun and educational activity as well. 

For example, once I had a child take the house that she worked on for many hours to her home only to have it destroyed by a family member.  The next time we met, she brought the house back in pieces.  She was so upset.  It was a sad moment but she quickly realized that the house could be rebuilt.  We talked about how to build a stronger home and how to keep it safe.  When she completed the rebuilt home she decided to leave it in our workspace to keep it safe instead of taking it home where it might have been harmed.