Comfort Pillows

Comfort Pillows

Comfort Pillows

Objective: To create small pillows to be used as a reflective tool that include positive words and/or images.

Materials: 5x5 in colorful felt or soft material squares, glitter glue pens, buttons, other decorative materials, sewing needles, colorful thread, poly-fil, and a glue gun.

Begin the project with small felt squares already available or felt pieces that can be cut as needed.

Next, choose the color of thread to sew two small felt squares together to create the pillow.

Once the needle is threaded, sew 3 sides of the squares together.  Leave one side open to fill with the poly-fil stuffing.

Once the pillow is filled with the stuffing, sew the final side closed.

Now that the pillow is sewn together, it can be decorated in any manner that will bring comfort to the person making it. 

In the above pillow examples, words and other images were added using glue and additional felt pieces and sewing the pieces to the pillow.  Use any materials that are fitting or available to decorate the pillows including fabric markers or other soft materials.

During the creative process, participants have felt that the physical, repetative act of sewing was cathartic.  Also, participants recalled memories of learning to sew and of the people who taught them how to sew as well as other memories.  

Creating a 3D piece of art can provide a person with feelings of accomplishment and pride.  Having a positive word or image added to the soft material of the pillow supplies a gentle reminder that a person can reflect upon when they maybe having negative feelings or feeling down.

The participant can keep the pillow as a source of comfort or the pillows can be given away as gifts to others as away of providing a gift of comfort to someone else.

This project can be used in a variety of settings and with various age groups.