Create a Fish Tank

Created by My Art to Inspire Contributor: JSebastian

Materials: paper, colored pencils, paint, colored tissue paper, glue, any additional materials you might like

Group members are asked to draw a fish that will represent their personality - they are encouraged to use any materials they like (paint, colored pencil, tissue paper, glitter, etc).

Once the fish are created, the group must create a fish tank on a large sheet of paper (decisions will include shape, size, elements/decor). I like to use butcher paper tacked to a bulletin board or a wall and offer paint and colored tissue paper to make the tank colorful.

When the "tank" is finished, members of the group place their personal fish in the tank.


After all the fish are in the tank, the group discusses how the tank is representative of the group and the environment. I encourage group members to consider and discuss what their personal fish might represent about them (color choice, shape, size).

Group members are also encouraged to discuss how the placement of the fish in the tank can represent individual personality traits and social skills or comfort levels in relationships both within and outside the group.

This project can be done at any stage of group formation and can be adapted to any age/population.