Emotion Blocks

Objective: To identify and share one's feelings before a session and at the end of a session

Materials: cardboard or small wood piece, note cards, Velcro, sheet of emotions, plastic Ziplock bags, variety of craft materials- felt, ribbons, tissue paper, markers, and colored pencils, glue stick, glue, or glue gun

This project can be used with a variety of participants, including children, sexually abused pre-teens and adults to help them to learn how to identify and put a name to their feelings. 


The emotion blocks can be used at the beginning of each session as a check in exercise and again at the end of the session.  It is away to help participants name, identify, understand, and see how their feelings could change or stay the same. 

To create the emotion block, have the participants decorate their wood or cardboard block.

Next, have the participants cut out the different emotions from the printed emotions sheet that I created and attached below or have them create their own symbols or faces to represent each emotion.  Then, glue the cut out emotions on to individual note cards to make them more durable.  

 Select the above image to download the sheet. 

Select the above image to download the sheet. 

Lastly, add Velcro strips to both the emotion block as well as the back of the note cards.  This way the emotion cards can be adhered and changed based on the participants feeling during the sessions.


While the emotion blocks are being created, it is an opportunity to discuss and/or teach the various participants about the different emotions. 

Once the blocks are created, I have the participants identify their overall feeling and attach it to the block and talk about it if they wish.  If they are feeling a mixture of emotions, I have them place the additional feeling cards next to the block. 

Then, going forward I have the participants use the blocks at the beginning and ending of each session as a check-in and closing activity.

The participants can store their emotion block and cards in a plastic bag or other individualized storage container and leave in the office.