Emotion Board

Objective: To encourage a better understanding of different emotions by creating personalized symbols.

Materials: Paper, colored pencils, markers, any drawing materials

Use the emotion boards as away to help participants understand and discuss different emotions.

To create a board:

  • Fold a blank piece of paper into 8 rectangles.
  • Read 8 emotions out loud and have the participants write down the emotions in a separate box.
  • Create personalized, unique symbols that represent each emotion in the box by using drawing materials.  (Do not use emoticon faces, hearts, or more common symbols.)
  • Be open to as much personalization as possible to encourage a deeper understanding of the emotion.
  • Once completed, discussion about different emotions and their personal symbols is encouraged in group settings.   

If there is not a lot of time for the project,  create the boards in advance, make copies, and hand them out at the beginning of the group.

Choose the emotions that are relevant to the participants. 

I have supplied an example template below.  To download the template select the image.