Handmade Greeting Cards for the Self or Others

Thank you card

Thank you card

Objective: To have participants create a card for him/her self or others to express their feelings.

Materials: Collage materials,  colored paper, tissue paper, ribbons, magazines, colored pencils, markers, glitter glue pens, scissors, and glue

This directive is adaptable to a variety of settings, populations, and materials.  It can be used to help participants express their feelings.  These cards can be created during holiday times, a time of loss, or when they have had difficulty verbalizing their feelings, or they wanted another way to express their feelings. 

A card can be created for another person or it can be created for him/her self.  The card can be created using the materials chosen by the participant to express his/her feeling by using colors, images, and/or words.  It can be given to another person or kept for by the participant depending on the objective.