Leaf Collage

Click the image to download the template.  

Click the image to download the template.  

Materials: Colorful 1 inch paper squares (scrap paper works great), leaf pattern, glue, and scissors.

When possible have colorful squares cut approximately 1 inch in size ready in advance of the project or have the colorful paper ready to be cut before beginning the project. 

Any type of paper can be used. The paper can be attached using regular glue or glue sticks.

The colorful 1 inch square paper can be glued as a collage over the leaf pattern.  The colorful paper does not need to stay in the lines.   

Once the leaf pattern is covered, the leaf can be turned over and cut out from the backside of the paper or  if enough of the lines are still visible on the front the collage leaf can be cut out from the front side.

*Once the leaves are completed, they can be hung individually or on a larger tree and used as a mural.