Life Road Map

Created by My Art to Inspire Contributor: Kate

After a unit on SMART goals, strengths/weaknesses, unique personal characteristics, time management, and self esteem use the information you've learned about yourself to create a Life Road Map.

Prompt students to cut a road out of black construction paper (paved road). I usually prompt them to cut the road as they perceive their life to have been (curvy, straight, zigzag, etc.) Then students glue the black road on green paper. Students also cut out a brown road (dirt road) and a river out of blue paper and glue them down.

The paved road symbolizes where they have been and the dirt road symbolizes where they are going in their future. The river symbolizes daily life and the things that weave themselves into what we do each day (habits, responsibilities, etc.)  Students then label their paved road with three challenges they have had in the past with (bump signs), five things that were positive in their past (do not pass sign-- always keep this memory), and when they started school (school crossing sign). Students then label their dirt road with 3 SMART goals (stop signs) and two steps needed to reach each smart goal (yield sign). Students illustrate the road map. Students write things they do everyday in the river.

I have done this both with a written summary at the end and by having students share with a small group or class how they ended up with the road they have.

Rubric can be found here:  Life Road Map Rubric

Download the Street Signs Cutouts Here

point-to-point route