Medication Reflection


Objective: To reflect upon medication management.

Materials: Large white paper, various drawing materials- pencil, colored pencils, markers

At times, clients contemplate taking their medications for various reasons.  Sometimes clients struggle with taking medications due to their side effects.  Clients may experience weight gain, sleepiness, and many others side effects of medications, which can be as hard to take as symptoms of the illnesses that they are trying to relieve.  Other times, they may feel better while taking their medications and think that they do not need it anymore. 

One intervention that I have used to help clients is by having them create a medication reflection drawing, which consists of two separate images.  I have the clients divide a large piece of white paper in half.

On the left side of the paper, I ask the clients to thinks about what their day is like while they are on medication.  Then I ask them to draw an image of that day.   

Once they are completed, I ask them to think about what a day is like when they are not on their medication.  I then ask the clients to draw an image of that day on the right side of the paper. 

After the client completes the drawings, I ask them to take a look at them and compare them.   I give them some time to reflect so that they can discuss what they see, and discuss their thoughts and feelings about their medication use.

When using this intervention with groups, it gives clients the opportunity to hear from others who may have similar or different experiences.  They may also learn about other medication options that they can talk to their doctors about.

I always recommend that clients continue to discuss their medication management with their doctor, psychiatrist, or equivalent licensed professional as well.