My Emotional Zoo


Created by My Art to Inspire Contributor: Jeanne

The inspiration came about three weeks ago as I was trying to "think like a therapist". The seed was generated by a project I did with children long ago, but this one is tied to the theme "emotions".

The objective is to represent our emotions—both good and bad—in a collage made with magazine photos. I used a standard white poster board and kept a lookout for magazine pictures that represent different aspects of my life. For example, worries about money issues and the state of affairs in my home state were represented while the joys of dancing, bird watching, and places I want to visit someday were also represented.

To fully represent the “zoo” theme, I envisioned (but have not gotten to it) having the artist/client determine which emotions he/she wants to explore, find photos, place them, and then also label them.

For example, mine would include small SIGNS that I create using a computer or cut and paste methods used in collage anyway. They would say: “Don’t Feed the Fears”; “Watch out for Rolling Anger Spells”; “Let the Dreams Roam Freely”, “Stop to Smell the Roses”, and “Take Care to Nourish the Inner You”.

In addition, artists’ tape or black yarn or ribbon could be added to simulate the bars caging the various emotions. Caution: use rubber cement if possible instead of liquid glue so the photos won’t wrinkle. If desired, apply a thin coat of clear spray paint for a nicer finish.