Painting with Clay

Painting with clay

Painting with clay

Objective: To release energy through the process of creating art.

Materials: canvas board or a recycled piece of cardboard,  colored clay, rolling pin

One way that I have used the process of art making to work out some energy and anxiety is by painting with clay.  This process takes strength and energy to create. 

To soften the clay, I use a rolling pin to flatten.  This helps make the clay looser to roll and squish with one's hands.  Once the clay is worked out, the clay can be applied to a sturdy board or recycled cardboard by painting with fingers.  The clay is spread across the board with fingers and can be pressed down and manipulated onto the board as well.  The clay can be rolled into balls or shaped into strands that can be twisted around each other.  I have supplied a picture of an artwork as an example.

When using clay with others be aware that it can be sticky to the hands and leaves remnants on the skin.  Some participants are not comfortable with this type of tactile experience.   

Can be used with a variety of ages, populations, and settings.

Reference Information: My favorite materials experience learned at Pratt Institute.