Penny Project

Created by My Art to Inspire Contributor: Kristy Lynn

Materials: Pennies for each year of your life, pictures, facts from each year of your life (both worldly and personal)


This is a project to create a treasury of your life from each year.

Here are the details:
1. Have students talk to their family members to help jog their memory about things that happened in their life (especially for the years they cannot remember). Key in on major events (illnesses, chicken pox, special trips, etc).

2. Do some research to find out what happened in the world during those SAME years of your life. Who was president? Were there medical breakthroughs?

3. Each page will have the year on it. A border around each page is optional. The years will start with the year you were born.

4. Your Penny Project will need to have as many pages as years old you are. You will be writing paragraphs that include both factual AND personal information. One paragraph will be about the world in that year, one will be about your life. You will be responsible for citing your work correctly on the information you find about the world.

5. Correct spelling, capitalization and punctuation are expected.

6. Each page will need to have a penny with that year GLUED to it (Rubber cement works best).