Personality Shrinky Dink Charms

Created by My Art to Inspire Contributor: Kate

After a week of going over the influences on personality and taking a series of personality surveys (multiple intelligence, Holland's Hexagon, etc.) students create a project to represent who they are and the things that influences them to become the way they are.

Using #6 plastic and permanent markers students will make a variety of shrinky dink charms that represent their personality traits, influences on their personality, and individual characteristics.  This is a project we will complete in class following the procedure on and following the Personality Charms Rubric
Below is an example of a completed personality charm project and write-up.

Name Charm:
Influences on my Personality:


    • University of Idaho= Environmental & Social= Learning & Leadership

    • Boise State University= Social & Cultural= Learning & leadership & culture of those in the Treasure Valley

    • Mother & Child= Social & Gender & Cultural= My mother encouraged learning, protected me, encouragted me, provided basic needs as well as wants, and loves me very much.

    • Idaho= Environmental & Cultural & Econmic= Citizenship, freedom, ways of life, 4th generation Idahoan

Representations of My Personality and Hobbies:

  • Painting-- I enjoy painting and doing other art projects

  • Dress form-- I enjoy sewing and creating different clothing projects

  • Chefs hat-- I enjoy cooking and experimenting with a variety of different recipes and cooking techniques

  • Airplan-- My family and I enjoy traveling a lot.

  • Apple-- Represents that I'm a teacher

My Personality Survey Results

  • Beaver--I am very much a Beaver personality. I like to have a lot of work to do and I like to work well and very methodical is how I do my work.

  • Red/Blue Shirt-- I am split between a blue shirt and red shirt personality. I think I'm more green than either of the colors, but most people around me think I'm blue and red.

  • Books & Music-- Both of these represent two of my Multiple intelligences, linguistic and musical.