Photo Self Box

Created by My Art to Inspire Contributor: JSebastian

Materials:  Disposable cameras, cube shaped boxes (size: at least 8"x8"), magazine images, markers, paint, glue, additional craft materials (ex: string, construction paper, glitter)

This project works well with a small group of adults (no more than 8) over a period several sessions. The project could also be used with additional populations or settings (adolescents, individual work, etc).

disposable camera

disposable camera

Each member of the group is given a disposable camera and encouraged to take photos of their choosing relating to their life and environment then return the camera to the group leader so the film can be processed. The group leader then processes the film and presents the images to the respective clients to be used for their individual "self boxes."

Clients are asked to use the photographic images, boxes, and additional materials to represent different aspects of themselves. The inside of the box can be used to hold what is kept private while the outside of the box shows what we present to the world. The group leader can suggest themes to be used for each side of the box to represent different aspects of life: physical, social, family, occupational, emotional, and spiritual.

Once the boxes have been completed, group members are encouraged to share the work with one another and discuss their experiences of both the process and products.

The project can serve as a way of integrating parts of the self after traumatic experiences or to develop a greater sense of self when one has never been fully formed.

 * - Jessica is a guest blogger on My Art to Inspire

Reference Information:

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