Picture Framed Mother's Day Card

Objective: To create a card on the back of a framed picture.

Materials: wood sticks such as popsicle sticks & balsam wood pieces, glue, glue sticks, watercolor set, scissors, paper, markers, collage materials, or felt.

To begin the project, choose 4 popsicle sticks to frame the paper (or 12 popsicle sticks can be used to create 3 layers).  Balsam wood pieces (quantity depends on size of wood pieces) can also be used instead of popsicle sticks. 

Next choose a color in the watercolor set to paint the wood pieces.  Paint the wood pieces and let them dry while continuing onto the next step.

Painted Popsicle Sticks or Wood Pieces

popsicle sticks

5 x 5 Piece of Paper

Choose a 5x5 piece of paper or recycled cardboard to be used as the base for an image.

Personal photos, collages, drawings, or other additional materials may be used to create an image or design on the 5 x 5 piece of paper or recycled cardboard. 


(*Keep in mind, the frame will be glued to the outside edges so a portion of the edges will be covered.*)

Example of a Completed Picture made with Felt

felt artwork

By the time of this next step, the painted wood should be dry.  Now the wood pieces can be used to create a frame and be glued to the edges of the picture.

Three examples of different framed pictures are featured below:

*Personal photos can also be used when making collages. Offer to make copies of the photos so that the original can be preserved when necessary.

To continue with the project,  another 5 x 5 piece of paper will be needed to write a message for the mother, caregiver, or special person. Leave a 1/2 inch space on the left edge.  That edge will be glued to the back of the frame.

Message to be Attached to the Frame


Then add a string to the back-side of the framed picture.  Glue the edges to the paper and for extra security add a piece of tape across the strings and frame.

String Attached to the Back of the Frame

string attached to frame

string attached to frame

Lastly, glue the message to the back of the frame by attaching the 1/2 inch of paper on the left-side to the right-side of the back of the frame and fold over to close. 

Final Framed Picture with Message on Back

Final message and picture frame

*Optional~ add a piece of 5 x5 colored piece of paper over the glued and taped string.  Also, additional decoration could be added to the frame.

Final Framed Picture with Message on Back

Final frame

The idea for this project is to celebrate mother's day.  However, mother's day may not always bring up happy memories or it may be a sad time for some due to the loss of a mother or the primary care giver who replaced the mother's role.  If working with a group of adults or children please be aware of the different family situations that may exist and include modifications to the project. 

For instance, even though the card is being created for mother's day let the group know that every family is different and not everyone has a mother, some mother's might have passed away, or are no longer in a person's life for different reasons.  So as an alternative, cards can be created for a person who filled the mother role, as a memorial of memories of a mother who has passed away or no longer involved in the person's life, or as a reflection of the mother life, etc.  There are many more possibilities it depends on the population of people you are working with and their needs. 

This project has been used with adults in an open studio but can be modified and used with others as well. 

**These picture cards can also be created for other important life events as well.