Recipe for a Wall Mural

Paint Brusjes

Created by My Art to Inspire Contributor: Jeanne

Materials: pencil/paper design; acrylic paints/brushes

• One big idea!
• One nice big, very plain wall
• One or more artists to help bring the idea to life
• Acrylic paints and brushes of many sizes
• A sketch pad or pads with pencils for basic design
• Very good dose of time on your hands
• Experts that are willing and able to provide assistance if needed

Be sure there is “one chief arteest”
• Put your “big idea” into a communal pot—somewhere it is either needed or at least will be valued.
• Determine which “nothing wall” is to become a “special wall” making sure that the owner approves!
• Obtain as many assistants as possible or desirable
• Appoint one as the “head photographer”—be sure before, during, and finished product shots are taken
• Determine the time line and the “deadline”
• Brainstorm with interested participants many good ideas—remembering that all ideas are valuable, but only some will be used.
CELEBRATE when the project is finished. Call the newspapers, too!

Note: If this sounds easy, it isn’t! But it certainly should be fun. Go forth and create!

 * - Jeanne is a guest blogger on My Art to Inspire