Self Symbol


At one time or another we have all been in the situation of having to meet new people in a new setting.  For some the experience can be very overwhelming and intimidating.

To try to reduce the amount of stress that can be brought on by initial introductions, have group members create an original, self symbol to help in the introduction process.  Use plain white paper and basic drawing materials; such as markers and colored pencils.  Try to keep the project open ended (not too many restrictions) to accommodate as many people in the group as possible. 

It is important to note that the symbol should be an original design.  For instance, the symbol could be created by using words or letters, favorite colors, a pattern, lines, and it does not have to be a concrete image.

Once everyone has their symbols created, have an opportunity to invite participants to share their work. If they are comfortable enough, they can talk about their symbol and themselves.  

Do have everyone introduce themselves by name but do not force them to share more than what they are comfortable with sharing. 

I have used this ice breaker intervention with various ages and in a variety of settings.