Sensory Figure, by Shrini

Created by My Art to Inspire Contributor: Shirini

Objective:  To create a sensory figure from either the Paleolithic or Neolithic Stone Age. Get creative, but be sure to keep it historically accurate. You decide upon your character’s age. You will have a total of 3 class periods to complete this culminating project. After the first day, your teacher will give you some feedback on your project using a comments handout (see attachment).

The Process
1. Fill in Sensory Sentences Worksheet:
• Each sensory statement needs to be specific and reflect the knowledge that you have learned in this unit.
• Statements must relate to your character’s life in the specific Stone Age period. Be sure to use factual information for the period chosen: Paleolithic or Neolithic.
• Statements should be written in the first person and reflect the character’s senses:
1) See
2) Hear
3) Taste
4) Touch
5) Smell
6) Think (sense)

Sensory figure

2. Quickly sketch your person on a scrap piece of paper (rough draft):
• Picture of character should fill the space
• Add some background details if you would like, but make sure they are not too distracting.
• Plan out where you want each sentence placed on your picture.
• Don’t spend too much time on your rough draft.

3. Final Copy:
• May be typed or hand written. If you write it out, you must use pencil first, & then go over it with pen.
• Use the large white construction paper and/or poster board for your final piece.
• Be sure to have a title for your sensory figure: for example, Paleolithic Man/Woman or Neolithic Man/Woman.
• Character must be drawn realistically and with detail (no stick figures allowed)
• Final copy must be colored neatly
• Your final copy must look professional and meet the above requirements.
• Grading rubric with your name and class period must be on the back of your sensory figure.