Texting: Artistically!

Created by My Art to Inspire Contributor: Jeanne

The student/client will choose a topic (noun) that is very dear to his/her heart, e.g. horse, soccer, home, etc. Using that topic, s/he will sketch the outline lightly in pencil.

Next, the empty space will be completely covered by adjectives and other descriptive words and phrases that directly relate to the topic and are written in pencil. When the project is nearing completion, the author/artist should get someone to help edit, making sure all words and phrases are correctly written.

artistic text

Then s/he will go over each word and phrase in black, fine-tip, permanent, “Sharpie” ink, but must NOT go over the original shape lines.

Last, erase the shape lines and all of the pencil markings. This should leave an impressive design that describes graphically and textually the favorite topic.

Note: The “horse” shown in the photo was done by a fifth grader in McCall, Idaho in 1996.