Thanksgiving Block Mural


Objective: To create a block mural encouraging socialization among a group of people.

Materials: 5x5 square blocks of felt or other fabric material remnants, sewing needles, thread or glue, and scissors.

or 5x5 blocks of color and white paper, collage materials, glue sticks, scissor, markers, colored pencils, and/or crayons.

In keeping with the holiday theme, I have added this Thanksgiving Block Mural project. If you are looking for a creative, decorative idea for your program or school, this project is one way to involve your clients or students.  I have attached files that include simple template examples that can be used to create a festive, block mural.


This project could also be used as a therapeutic intervention by having clients create a more personalized symbolic block.  Then they could combine the blocks together into a group mural.

One way of creating the block mural is by using materials that can be sewn or glued together like felt or other fabric material.  A second way of creating this block mural is by using paper, drawing, or collage materials.  The individual blocks could be glued to a piece of larger mural paper glued together by leaving a small border around the edges of the 5x5 piece of paper.

This project can be done with a variety of ages in many different settings.

Select the image below to download the templates: