The Missing Piece Creature Collage

Collaborative art group

Created by My Art to Inspire Contributor: Shirini

Background:  I came up with this idea when brainstorming what type of icebreaker activity to do with my 6th grade reading classes. I love Shel Silverstein books and wanted to create a lesson which focused around The Missing Piece picture book. Thus, this creature collage was born.

Content/Grades:  Any Subject/Middle School

Objective:  Students will read or listen to the book The Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein and then create a collective work of art.

Materials:  The picture book: The Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein, construction paper, art supplies (such as crayons, colored pencils, or markers).

1. After reading the picture book, The Missing Piece, students will create their own abstract pieces of artworks which will be put together to create a collective larger work of art.

2. One requirement is that they must have their name somewhere in the piece they create. Other than that, the sky is their limit on creativity. They can use patterns, shapes, etc. to include inside their organic or geometric shaped piece.

3. The art can be put together to create a creature or simply put together like a puzzle.

4. If creating a creature, the class will want to add facial features to the artwork, such as a mouth, eyes, ears, etc. These features should be added after all pieces of the artwork are put together.

5. The emphasis of this lesson can be that people often come together and have to learn to live in harmony with one another. This lesson also emphasizes that everyone is unique as well as a part of something larger (like the classroom). Certain terms like: respect, individualism, and teamwork might come to mind as well.

6. Be sure to have a discussion on the book as well as the activity. The discussion will foster higher thinking by the use of metaphors: “I think our pieces are like…..because…”