The Psychology of Color

Created by My Art to Inspire Contributor: Kate

Materials: psychology of color info graphic, paint chips, markers, colored pencils, paints


After learning about the color wheel students are introduced to different aspects of the psychology of color. The info graphic on is the easiest for students to understand and is used in this activity. (It is in the reference section and linked as a .pdf). Students use floor plans and previous interior design knowledge to create color palette's for rooms. Students use paint chips, markers, pencils, or paints to create a color palette based on the psychology of color for the following rooms:

--a kids play room
--an at home office
--a kitchen
--a living room
--a teenagers bedroom
--a classroom

Students sketch the rooms and color them to match the color palette they chose. They then explain the psychology of the colors and how it should make the people in the room feel.

Reference Information: