Tissue Paper Collage


Materials: Colored tissue paper, paper, glue and water mixture, and paint brushes.


Begin with a blank piece of paper of any size.  Create a design by filling the paper with a collage of ripped tissue paper.  The tissue paper is attached  with a glue & water mixture.

1 part glue

1 part water


These materials used together bring up tolerance and control issues with clients.  I have worked with clients that preferred to have more control over the tissue paper.  They chose to cut pieces of tissue paper instead of ripping the tissue paper.  Some clients I have worked with prefer to use tissue paper that does not bleed, as the color tends to bleed onto the skin. 


Others are able to tolerate the messiness of the bleeding tissue paper better and enjoy the mixing colors that occurs with the application of the glue & water mixture.  The blending and mixing of colors is out of the control of the client.  I have attached an example.

Upon the tissue paper drying, clients have drawn on top of the collage with black ink.  I have attached an example.

This project can be used in various settings and with a variety of populations.