Trash to Triumph

Juice and pencils

Created by My Art to Inspire Contributor: Kate

Materials: clean "trash" pieces

Using their own creative ideas or a play off of a previously introduced technique students will create a sewing project by re-purposing something considered "trash" into something new. I don't have a picture of a completed project right now, but students have been very creative in completing this project.

I had a students save Starburst wrappers and sew them together into a book cover, another made a skirt from Twizzlers wrappers and lined it with red fabric, and another made a beach bag out of an old towel. It is fun to see what students will come up with. The item pictured is an idea found from  Skip to my lou. The Capri Sun pencil bag is one of my students' favorite projects, but I enjoy with they come up with their own ideas.