Units Covered Scrapbook

Created by My Art to Inspire Contributor: Shirini

Units Covered Scrapbook

Artistic Type: Scrapbook with mixed media art supplies

Content/Grades: Social Studies/Middle School

Objective:  Students will be able to create their own scrapbook page for each of the ancient cultures learned in our River Civilizations unit. This is an end of unit activity (culminating) which will be worked on over a long period of time. A scrapbook page will be done after these units covered: Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, & India. The binding of the scrapbook will be the final step.

Once all the units are done, students will want to create a cover as well as creatively bind their scrapbook together. This is a great way for students to visually review before the unit test by previewing each others scrapbook project.

Materials: Art supplies, scrap-booking supplies, glue, etc.
Website for Sample Scrapbook Pages:

• This activity can be done for any type of content in school. It is best done for a unit which has many elements (one element per page).