Going From This to That in 2012 (Part 1)

From the Journal of Rick Jacobsen

2012 was a significant year for me personally.  I picked up a new passion, and as it goes with most of my passions, I get...well, quite passionate about it. 

In 2012, I went from this to that:

 From This - Figure 1: Free Hand Man, Dec 26, 2011  

 From this To That- Figure 2: Marilyn Monroe, November 2012  

My passion is a result of a couple of feelings and countless amounts of encouragement from many of my friends and family members.  For years I have been talking about following the tradition of my grandparents, painting during retirement.  I decided I needed to start learning how to paint, so I could be as prepared as possible upon retirement, which isn't likely to come before turning 65.

The other reason is the desire to reach my audience.  I want to make things that are appreciated by those I love.  Not everyone has the time to read my stories, and it is nearly impossible to find an appropriate time to play my guitar for others. 

Homemade cards work.  I love making cads.  Woodworking remains on hold.  Art is appealing in that people can consume it instantly upon viewing, and it is easily accessible.  All I have to do is put it in view.   

I asked for watercolor items and books for Christmas 2011, and got several nifty items including a book that helped me work through my first projects including a gold fish, a bowl of cherries, and tulips. 

With the exception of the exercises done in class, most of the studies you see here were repeated over and over with as many as 10 attempts.   

Figure 1 comes from the BEGINNER ART GUIDES, painting THE HUMAN FIGURE, Barrons.  It is drawn in color pencil, in the art journal that my daughter, Kylee gave me for Christmas of 2009.  In it she made several entries encouraging me to practice art.  That joural now contains dozens of studies from 2012.  This man was my first attempt. 

One book was Watercolors, A new way to learn how to paint, Barrons.  My first painting project was the goldfish on the cover.   

After six attempts:

Figure 3: Goldfish, Watercolor, 9"x12" 

In order to get the proportions right, I ended up drawing out a grid and then measuring the goldfish on the cover and mapping it out on the grid.  My wire, Nikki saw me put the watercolor paper over the grid, hold it up to the living room floor lamp with one hand and trace the goldfish onto the watercolor paper with the other.   

It was awkward and not as accurate as it could be with a tracing table and lamp.  She then took me to Pearl Paint, down on Canal Street in NYC, and bought me a 9"x12" Lightpad: a LED light pad that is used for tracing made by ARTOGRAPH.

The bowl of Cherries, and the Tulips came next after 4 - 5 attempts each.  Again both projects were from Barrons Watercolors.   


Figure 4: Bowl of Cherries, Watercolor 9" x 12" 

Figure 5: Tulips, Watercolor 9" x 12"