Going From This to That in 2012 (Part 4)

From the journal of Rick Jacobsen.

After moving from NYC to Brentwood, CA, I was looking to take some drawing classes.  Since my wife, Nikki, grew up in Brentwood she knew about a little art school called the Brentwood Art Center or BAC.   

BAC has been around for 41 years and has some fairly well known alumni.  But of course, as soon as I signed up and paid my fees, the school sent out an email that said they had suffered a financial collapse due to rezoning, resulting in a tax increase and a lease increase.  Nikki and I couldn't believe it.  Of all the rotten luck, I get stiffed after the school had been there for 41 years.  But wait...this story has a Happy Ending! 

One of the "fairly known alumni" turned out to be Steve Spielberg's wife, Kate Capshaw.  I guess Kate and a few other "fairly well known alumni" felt it was  ashamed to see their beloved school and neighborhood icon of the arts shut down.  Within three weeks BAC was converted into a nonprofit organization with a big enough foundation that it was able to sign a new 10 year lease.

Garry Paller, my first instructor and member of the Board, called letting me know that I would be able to attend the class after all.  We had a nice chat.  The semester was delayed by just two weeks. 

During the two weeks, while waiting for the classes to start I worked on the layout of a watercolor project of Julia in Venice that I hadn't finished yet.  

Figure 14: Julia in Venice, layout in Graphite on Watercolor Paper, 8" x 10" 

We also visited family and friends in Bozeman, MT, and visited Yellowstone.  Then the class at BAC began!

While in Montana we were able to visit with Bruce Pierce and see his studio.  He is so good!  It's fun to know people with a passion such as his. 

Nikki's brother, Jeff, continues to make money from his work.  It is interesting because he too has just started drawing classes.  His art work that sells, is modern whimsical patterns that get placed in hotel lobbies and movies.  On one hand he's been learning to draw and on the other hand he continues to play with colors and whimsical patterns and finds patrons.  Who knows if he will ever actually sell a drawing of anything real?  And who cares!  He is having a blast and doing just fine.  Jeff has been a wonderful supporter and generously encourages my practice.   

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