Going From This to That in 2012 (Part 3)

From the Journal of Rick Jacobsen 

 This blog is a continuation of my journey of learning how to draw.  I have listed the links to my previous post below.

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Please join me on my continued journey...

Drawing a 3D object by free hand remained important.

The next three projects were still life.  No photos were taken. They were drawn during a difficult period of insomnia.

For several weeks about every other year, I go through a period where I can only sleep about two hours each night. The next three exercises were developed between midnight and 4 am on different nights.  Each  of the exercises were repeated over and over, as many as six or seven times.

Figure 11: Pencils, Graphite 9"x12"

Figure 12: Metal Bowl, Graphite, 9"x12" 

Figure 13: Custard Cup, Graphite, 9"x12" 

My journey continues on- to be continued...