My Drawing Journey Continues

In a continued interest and fascination of painting Lee Falls, a search for Pencil Drawing of a Waterfallturned up IvanPazlamatcheys woman with a shadow water fall.   I wanted to draw a water fall, so I worked on a copy of Ivans water fall.

Figure 16: Waterfall, graphite 19" x 12"

Figure 17: Master Copy to Work on Shading.

Finally my Saturday classes started at the Brentwood Art Center.

What happened during week two of class totally surprised me.  With hindsight, I can see all of the logical dots leading up to the pleasant surprise, but it was more than just a pleasant surprise.  I had no idea what would come out of me next.

As with most American men, and perhaps, men in general, I've always held a certain fascination with Marilyn Monroe. 

Christian, Nikki, and I saw countless pictures of her at a photography show in New York City during the winter.  We talked about me, drawing her.  It turned out she rests in peace just across Wilshire, about three blocks from where we live in Westwood.  So when my instructor had her in a grid I snatched her up in a heavy heartbeat.